LG Optimus One Sale = Ultimate Fail

When I first saw the ad about the LG Optimus One sale at Yugatech’s blog, I didn’t decide at once that I will attend the said event since I really like to purchase an HTC or Samsung phone if I’ll be going to the Android path.

It was only Friday (Nov 12) that I decided that I will try my luck on the said event because I would have been able to purchase an Android phone at a really low price then use the remaining budget to buy something else.

I was at the SM Megamall B UG main entrance at around 8am and there were a number of people already waiting for the mall to open too and get their hands on the optimus one. I was already expecting that there would be lots of people who will attend the event, and it would be like an amazing race towards the LG concept store. I even mapped-out (in my mind) the path that I will take towards the store.

My friend who was with me mentioned that Fitness First members will be able to enter the mall at around 7am but I was still optimistic that we will be able to get units since we were 6th in line at the main entrance. At around 10:00am the doors opened and all hell broke loose. Everyone were rushing about towards the LG concept store. Most of them took the escalators (some even did a counterflow in the escalators which were running downwards). We decided to run up the stairs to get to the store.

When we reached Cyberzone there were already lots of people in line for both the Nokia and LG promos. I think we were well within the first 100 people (more or less) to get in line for the LG promo. And we were well aware that the promo will only run for an hour, so if there will be around 4 cashiers/salesperson (as mentioned by the lady from LG – see image below – taken from and shot by DaddyJoey.com) and if they would take a minute or two to go through the buying process, then getting units would really be possible.

The LG lady/rep who assured us that we will be able to purchase units (Source: DaddyJoey.com)


The other guys in front of me asked the LG lady/rep if we will be able to purchase a unit at it’s promo price then she told us (repeatedly – around 3 times –> everytime she passed by our line). Since I already waited for more than an hour and was at a relatively good place in the line, this information heightened my optimism that I will be bringing home an Optimus One later that afternoon.

Then the clock stroke 2. I was expecting that the flow of transactions would really be quick. But contrary to our expectation and what the LG rep has told us, the purchasing process was really S-L-O-W. At that moment, I pitied those who were at the tail end of the line (some said that it already reached the Basement/Lower Ground floor).

At around 2:30pm, my high hopes of getting a unit dropped and at 3pm, I have already accepted that I will come home empty-handed, tired (waited for 7 hours) and disappointed.

If that LG lady/rep did not assure us that we will be able to purchase units at the promo price earlier than 2pm, then we would have went home earlier with less disappointment in our hearts.

If they have told the people far back in the line that they cannot be accommodated anymore to purchase the unit at a promo price then they would be less angry. Well it was their option to stay and wait, but LG could have been more considerate and customer-friendly enough just to mention such stuff to them. I mean, how hard or difficult would it be to say to the people that they can’t be accommodated anymore and thank them for coming to the event. Maybe those LG people are that dumb or inconsiderate.

IMO, if they made this event/promo in the method that I will mention below (an electronic raffle of some sort), I guess the event would have brought in more positive results and more positive publicity.

Inform the public about the promo through all media channels available. Mention that they need to go this URL (http://www.promourl.com) and require them to enter their email address [which will be used to draw out who gets to avail the promo]. Give them a timeline of 1 week.

At the end of the week, randomly generate 50 people from those who registered or logged their emails and send out the necessary instructions to them on how they can claim their units. It’s as easy as that. No long lines and disgruntled people.

I have been an avid LG user since 2004, but due to what happened and what I experienced yesterday, I WILL NOT PURCHASE ANY LG ITEM EVER AGAIN.


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