Disclaimer and some other stuff

Posts here are based on my own opinion which could be either via my own experiences or from other people’s (who are related to me) experiences. Please feel free to post your comments on the posts even if they contradict the idea of what I’d like to convey.  It’s an open country and we are free to write about what we like.

I’d like to thank my girlfriend for the idea for my blog’s title. She based it from the fact that I’m a HUGE FAN of the works of Pol Medina. I’ll be posting a entry soon about his comics and some pictures of my yet-to-be-completed collection of Pugad Baboy comics.

Please do note that there might come a time that incorrect information could be found in my posts, so please feel free to correct me via a comment or by sending me a mail at: c2y_fpe@yahoo.com


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