Globe and CD-R King visit

August 16, 2009

I recently paid a visit to Globe to check if there are any technical specifications required for a USB extension cable to be used for their Tattoo USB modem as the one that I’ve recently bought from CD-R king (Price: 30 pesos) was not working on my laptop. They told me that the cable only needed to be USB 2.0 compliant. We then tested the cable in the Macbook at the Globe center and the modem was successfully detected by the broadband management software (this nearly made me want to buy a Macbook. haha). During this visit, I was lucky enough to speak to a more knowledgeable after-sales agent. I asked the agent, about my rant regarding their WIZ access which really seemed misleading due to the explanation of their sales agent before (link here). Back to the story, the sales agent easily gave me an answer to my question.

Sales agent: “Sir the account name for the WIZ spot is the mobile number of the sim and the password is ********”.

I wasn’t able to get the name of the sales agent though. I wanted to commend him for knowing what he is selling – unlike his colleague.

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Resto-Rant: expensive dining in NY by the president and party

August 11, 2009

Upon checking, I’ve stumbled upon the recent articles about the alleged whooping-1 million peso worth of dining expenses by our President and the members of the US trip party. As usual, the impending issue here is the thought that the expenses may have been part of or may have been the people’s /taxpayer’s money. Who wouldn’t be mad at the thought that your hard-earned money, deducted via tax, is being used to fill the stomachs of our politicians with really expensive food while we on the other hand are trying to make ends meet with what is left of our meager salary?

In some of the articles over the Web, it is stated that the expense for the meals were personal or were from their own pockets. Some stating that the dinner was a gift from Rep. Romualdez for the anniversary of President Arroyo and FG. We know that majority of our government officials are not part of the lower and middle bracket of society’s economic pyramid. Most of them are from rich families, political dynasties, etc. From my point of view, it would really be hard to run for a political position without a large sum of money even though you have a really good platform or governance plan.

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Globe WIZ Spot access for Globe Visibility/Tattoo: Misleading marketing strategy

August 5, 2009

Yesteday I applied for a Globe Tattoo postpaid plan. There are three main reasons that I’m going for the Globe wireless plan. First, Smart’s SMARTBro is not quite ok based from most of the people I know who has subscribed to their service (both prepaid and postpaid). Second, Sun cellular’s wireless broadband coverage does not seem to reach my area. Heard a lot of good stuff about Sun’s broadband service, though their coverage is really their weakness eversince they started out in the telecoms business. Should they have a wider range or stronger signal coverage, I’d definitely go for their wireless broadband. My last reason for subscribing to Globe’s Visibility/Tattoo service is that I’ve already tested it at my current place and it worked fine for me during the time that I needed to work from home.

Since I already have an existing postpaid mobile plan with them, the application for the postpaid Visibility/Tattoo kit was seamless. I only had to have a valid ID with me and needed to fill up a quite short application form. While filling out the form, I asked the sales agent some questions about the Globe Visibility/Tattoo service and she was able to answer me well enough.

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Post 1: blogging mode starts

October 10, 2008

Haven’t really decided yet on what topic would I blog about so please bear with the randomness of the posts that may follow. Also please bear the possible errors in grammar (i’m not an expert when it comes to the english language’s structure) and syntax. Such errors could be attributed to either of the following circumstances:

  • I may be under the influence of alcohol while posting an entry.
  • I may be really sleepy and just trying to let time pass (I sometimes work from 11pm to 8am – NA Shift as a Jr. SAP Basis Consultant).
  • I don’t have my full attention in doing the post.
  • I did the errors on purpose.

This ends my first post. I hope I can work on Post 2 soon. Happy reading!