66th monthsary – Dengue and the Medical City experience

September 24, 2009

Last Sept 19-22, my girlfriend got admitted at the Medical City in Ortigas due to dengue. I got really nervous when I’ve heard she was diagnosed with that illness since dengue has no vaccine or direct cure for it. Basically, prevention and early detection plus hydration is the key. Good thing I was able to ask my cousin’s friend if I were to accompany my girlfriend back to the hospital since we’ve observed that her fever was on and off. The doctor then asked her to be admitted since she wasn’t able to eat well and was feeling a bit nauseated. It was great that she was able to recover (platelet count drops to a really low level then once it goes up then that’s the sign that you are getting better from the illness) in just a span of three days – she’s got a good immune system and a great fighting spirit.

Read more on dengue from the WHO’s website: Dengue Facts

Below are some good stuff that we’ve experienced from the Medical City (well I guess this is what you get for a quite expensive hospital. haha):

  • The medical staff (doctors, nurses, medical technicians, etc) were really kind and accommodating.
  • The hospital’s lobby didn’t have much of that “hospital feel”. You’ll feel like you’re in a mall because of how the lobby was setup.
  • The hospital’s staff (guards, admin staff, etc.) were also great in terms of customer service.
  • Admission and discharge process (includes paying for the bill) was a breeze. I didn’t have to wait in a long line.

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